Various Types Of Renewable Energy Sources |

Various Types Of Renewable Energy Sources

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There are various renewable energy sources in the present age. Energy is an essential resource needed for society to function correctly. Power has driven humanity further and further, starting from the discovery of fire to the various current uses of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil meet energy needs. The fossil fuels created within the surface of the earth by the process of fossilization takes years to complete the transformation. These resources used in ample amount than the planet can replenish it. This problem solved as renewable resources have gained popularity and grown tremendously.

Sun Renewable Energy Source

Sun is the most recognizable source of energy on our planet earth. We all survive on planet earth due to the amount of sunlight we receive from the sun. Sunlight creates a natural phenomenon, helps the plants to grow, and animals to thrive, etc.

Various Types Of Renewable Energy Sources
Various Types Of Renewable Energy Sources

Various Renewable Energy Sources-

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Solar Energy

One of the best renewable energy is solar energy, which comes from the sun. It is one of the most popular forms of energy for centuries. With the use of photovoltaic technology or heat powered engines, electricity generated efficiently. The capturing of sunlight and converting it into electricity is possible by these technologies. Later it is stored in batteries and used. Even in industrial uses, solar power used for smooth and efficient work.

Wind Energy

Wind turbines harness wind energy for the last many years. The working of the turbines is similar to the windmills and found in factories. Electricity produced when the wind speed is high to move the turbines. More power provided, when the speed of the wind is high. In the high altitude areas or near shores, you can find these wind-powered turbines where the breeze is constant.

Various Types Of Renewable Energy Sources
Various Types Of Renewable Energy Sources

Hydro-Electric Power: Renewable Energy Sources

The sun provides us with clean energy through water. Due to the sun, we find the currents in the ocean or tides in the sea. Hydroelectric energy or water-based energy captured in various ways. Dams produce electricity on a large scale. Heat is provided in the water when water power turbines are turned on.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy stored within the earth, and this is not fossil fuels. When the surface formed, there was a constant decay of minerals. These minerals are radioactive, and a significant amount of heat released from them. The weather has seen on the surface of the earth. The super-heated steam and boiling water is released through these thermal vents and later used for the generation of electrical power. Thus, this is the best source of renewable energy.

Biomass Energy: Renewable Energy Sources

One of the rudimentary forms of clean energy is biomass energy, and for a thousand years humans have been using it in various ways. Both plants and their residue are a renewable source of energy. During the process of photosynthesis, plants contain energy stored in them. The power broke down and used when the plants burnt. Biomass is a furnace that breaks large quantities of raw material. Some of the examples of raw materials are leftover parts of crops, diseases, vegetables, infected plants, and even pieces of waste wood.

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