Some Clean Facts On Renewable Energy |

Some Clean Facts On Renewable Energy

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In the present age, renewable energy is flourishing, and the invention brings down costs, making a promise of providing a clean energy future. Various countries in the world are breaking records in respect of solar and wind generation, and America is one of them. Without compromising reliability, they integrate into the national electricity grid.

In short, renewable is continuously moving from dirty fossil fuels to the power sector and receive low emission of carbon and other types of pollution. It needs to mention that not all sources of energy are renewable energy and beneficial to the environment. Concerning climate change, wildlife and other issues the biomass and large hydroelectric dams have created difficult tradeoffs.

Some Clean Facts On Renewable Energy
Some Clean Facts On Renewable Energy

Meaning of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy or clean energy is the energy derived from various natural sources that keep on filling continuously. The need for such power depends on time and weather conditions, but we still see the sunlight and wind shining and blowing. Hence, wind and solar energy are refill continuously and will never run out of them.

Renewable energy is a new technology and considered to harness nature’s power. Besides, it has long used for transportation, heating, lighting, etc. The boats sail in the sea due to the wind, and you can find windmills to grind grain. During the day, the sun gives us warmth, and it also helps in evoking fires to last into the evening. Even with the advancement in technology, humans have turned to dirtier and cheaper energy sources like coal.

With the advancement in technology, we now have increasingly innovative ad cheaper ways to capture and retain wind and solar energy. Hence, renewable are becoming essential sources or power. The energy accounts for more than one-tenth of the U.S population. Both on small and large scale there is an expansion in renewable, from rooftop solar panels on homes. For heating and lighting, the rural communities to depend on renewable energy.

As renewable use continues to grow in the country, the goal will be to make it smarter, secure, and better integrated across regions. Sun is an excellent source of renewable energy and is available directly or indirectly. Our homes and other buildings get sunlight or solar energy directly for heating and lighting. Besides, for heating hot water, solar cooling, and various commercial and industrial uses, electricity gets generated.

Some  Clean Facts On Renewable Energy
Some Clean Facts On Renewable Energy

Dirty Energy

Dirty energy or nonrenewable energy includes fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal. Nonrenewable sources of energy are scarce and hence take a long time to refill. When gas is pump at a station, we use a finite resource refined from crude oil that is present since prehistoric times.

In some parts of the world, we see the nonrenewable sources, and they have it in ample amount in comparison to other countries. Every state accesses sunshine and wind. Every country should give importance to nonrenewable sources to improve national security. Thus, this decreases the trust of the country on exports from fossils fuel-rich nations.

The environment and human health are under great treat form nonrenewable energy sources. Take, for instance; strip-mining may need while drilling oil. The air in the environment gets some more pollution due to sudden earthquakes, water pollution, and coal power plants. Hence all these activities lead to global warming.

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