Saving The World Using Green Power

Saving The World Using Green Power

Gone are the days when Petroleum, Kerosene, Coal, and Firewood were the only sources of energy. Now, it’s the generation of Green Power. A lot of it has to do with the fact that overuse of these conventional power sources have damaged our beloved planet Earth to the extent where it is almost on the brink of extinction. Additionally, the fact that all these fossil fuels are about to run out in a few decade’s time has led us to look at other natural resources for power. Resources we never thought of as power sources. Sun, Wind, Ocean, Biological Waste are all part of nature. These natural aspects of nature were never thought of as power sources only to get surprised by science and mother nature.

Nowadays, all these are considered great sources of power as these sources provide us with power without affecting the natural ecological balance of the planet.

Here are some of the ways in which the usage of green power is helping in saving the world.

Solar Energy As Green Power

Sun is a near-infinite source of power. Well, at least it won’t run out of power till we humans are around. Moreover, using it in any form won’t harm our beloved Earth.

Saving The World Using Green Power
Saving The World Using Green Power

Solar Cooker

A solar cooker is a fairly simple piece of machinery that traps the heat from sunlight that is then used to cook food that is placed inside the solar cooker. Using this reduces the consumption of cooking gas (LPG) and firewood thus reducing carbon footprint and global warming.

Solar Heater

It is similar to a solar cooker and works on the same principle. Here, the water is heated using the heat from the sunlight. Solar cookers and solar heaters are fairly used in remote areas where power consumption is low and no other source of power is readily available.

Natural Dryer

In remote areas without access to dryers, heat from the sunlight acts as a natural dryer and this natural drying process is good for clothes and clothes last longer as compared to the mechanical dryers.

Electricity Generation

Sunlight is also used for electricity generation. Solar panels are used for this purpose. Solar cells present in the solar panels use the heat energy from the sun to generate electricity. This process of electricity generation does not have any adverse effects on the environment.

Biogas For Green Power

Who would’ve thought bio-waste from cattle could act as a great source of power also helping with greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

Small-Scale Biogas Power Plant

Small-scale biogas power plants are used to generate power in remote areas where people own cattle. Farm waste and bio waste are fed into the system that generates biogas that is then used for cooking and as electricity. It helps in reducing carbon footprint by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, it helps with global warming.

Biogas For Transport

Many countries use biogas for transportation in an effort to have clean transportation systems. For instance, Sweden is one such country which has biogas buses and trains.

Saving The World Using Green Power
Saving The World Using Green Power

Wind For Green Power

Wind can be used to rotate the blades of a windmill that in turn rotates a turbine. Thus, it helps in generating electricity. Therefore, Small wind power generation plants are used by people in highly windy areas. Moreover, full-fledged wind farms are set up by the government to meet the power needs of really windy areas.


People are looking at green power as the alternative to conventional sources of energy. Although green power is still far from being perfect mostly due to the high initial cost and low efficiency. It is still a great way to go if one wants to contribute to saving the world in their own little way. Moreover, future technological advancements will make sure the efficiency of these systems goes up and the price goes down.

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