Renewable Energy Subsidies or Fossil Fuel Subsidies – A Brief Overview Renewable Energy Subsidies or Fossil Fuel Subsidies – A Brief Overview

Renewable Energy Subsidies Or Fossil Fuel Subsidies – A Brief Overview

Renewable Energy Subsidies or Fossil Fuel Subsidies – A Brief Overview

Renewable Energy Subsidies are one of the fastest-growing fields in the world. It has become so popular that the government seems to be oblivious to the fact that it would make more sense to invest in clean energy than subsidize fossil fuels. But, of course, there is political correctness at work, and most likely, that ‘just-so’ story will continue until the wheels come off the recession-hit economy.

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Renewable Energy Subsidies or Fossil Fuel Subsidies – A Brief Overview

Energy Subsidies – Expenditure 

It seems that the government is entirely oblivious to the fact that a large amount of the money allocated to solar and wind power in solar and wind farms must be written off as a “green energy subsidy.” If the government wants to take away or reduce these subsidies, then why not? Why can’t we let the free market work?

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Renewable Energy Subsidies or Fossil Fuel Subsidies – A Brief Overview

There is no doubt that, if the tax dollars went into nuclear power plants instead of solar farms, those funds would be far better spent. It makes sense, and yet, the President and his pals in Congress think it’s okay to subsidize “renewable” energy companies while cutting them off the tax dollars they use to operate their businesses.

It makes sense because it’s a money grab, and it may be to protect the coal industry. And, what would you know, the United States Government is the biggest proponent of these renewable energy programs in the world. How so, you ask?

Most people think that green energy programs are just that, government-run initiatives for the rich and powerful, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason that the government wants to fund clean EnergyEnergy is that, in today’s world, the world’s population is not going to be able to heat their homes or store up enough heat in their homes to keep the global temperatures from increasing to alarming levels. It’s only not going to happen.

Energy Saving Technology

It’s this technology that the government has been propping up by aggressively promoting the use of green EnergyEnergy to power the nation. It’s this technology that the government wants to create to supply the EnergyEnergy that you and I rely on for our comfort, warmth, and the capability to move about freely in our vehicles.

Renewable Energy Charts 

If you look at the charts and graphs of renewable EnergyEnergy, you’ll see the amount of wasted EnergyEnergy coming from the use of electricity is just incredible. Solar Energy, in particular, is capable of producing more EnergyEnergy than the entire rest of the world combined uses, and yet, here we are, paying a pretty penny for it.

Perhaps you can understand why green energy subsidies are in place, but also, maybe you should ask yourself why you are paying the astronomical prices for that EnergyEnergy. You might want to think about all of the government’s studies and assessments of the potential future costs of meeting energy demands. They came up with some very serious numbers, but then the government subsidizes it all.

Examples OF Energy Subsidies

Some of the most outrageous examples of energy subsidies that the President and his minions are fighting tooth and nail against are the ones in their study concerning the use of oil and not oil in generating electricity. Now, if you think about the huge scale of fuel and all of the profits that come from the selling of oil, it’s pretty hard to say that the government is wasting its money subsidizing something that we don’t need.


If we can’t get enough oil out of the ground, then the price is going to be too high, and therefore, the government is subsidizing it all. Of course, it’s hard to explain to your buddies in the green movement that, for the oil that we use, we have to pay the higher prices? I guess it’s easier to pretend that everything is fine and that the oil subsidies aren’t real.

Energy Subsidies- The Takeaway 

I guess the fact that we have a bigger problem that we don’t need more subsidies for renewables isn’t good enough for these people. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s what they seem to want. They say that renewable EnergyEnergy will save us, but that’s just a way to keep the price of solar panels artificially low while keeping more oil in the ground.

Wind, solar, and biofuels will be all right, though. Maybe we should make it the goal to put all the solar panels and windmills in the middle of the desert, for the hell of it, and see how long it takes to come out of the desert.

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