Green Energy – Future Of The Planet

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Conventional sources of energy such as Petroleum, Coal, Firewood, and Natural Gas have been used for energy for a long time now. This coupled with unchecked deforestation has pushed our very existence to the very brink of extinction. However, we can’t just ignore the need for energy because it is an integral part of our lives. Hence, the need for cleaner and green energy sources arises which won’t harm the planet while providing us energy for our daily lives.

These cleaner sources of energy are known as Green Energy Sources. What are some of these clean sources of energy?

Green Energy – Future Of The Planet
Green Energy – Future Of The Planet
  • Solar Energy
    • Capturing the energy from the sun and converting it into electricity.
  • Wind Energy
    • Using the force of the wind to generate electricity.
  • Hydro Energy
    • Capturing water into a reservoir and then letting it fall from great heights and using this force of the water to generate electricity.
  • Geothermal Energy
    • Using the natural hot geysers to generate electricity.

Now that we know some of these clean sources of energy.  Why are they so great?

1. Green Energy Is Eco-Friendly

As the name suggests, these energy sources are clean and do not cause any harm to the environment. Therefore, this makes them the perfect replacement for the conventional not-so-clean sources of energy.

2. Green Energy Is Renewable

These clean sources of energy are also available naturally in abundance and replenish very quickly in a natural way. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about them running out.

3. Green Energy Has Immense Potential

I don’t think the sun would ever stop shining, the wind would ever stop blowing, the tides would ever stop happening. In short, these clean energy sources pack immense potential. It’s all a matter of capturing that potential and making the best of it.

Green Energy – Future Of The Planet
Green Energy – Future Of The Planet

However, it’s not all roses and sunshine. Although these clean energy sources are really great for the environment and pack immense potential, our technology isn’t advanced enough to capture a big enough portion of this potential. Whatever technology is currently available is expensive and not very efficient. Therefore, a lot of research is required to make these technologies affordable and more efficient for them to make it into the mainstream market and completely replace conventional energy sources.

Moreover, the initial cost of installation is pretty high which doesn’t exactly attract a lot of people towards adopting these energy sources. Although these costs do make up for it in the long run, still not many people are interested in shelling out that large sum of money that is required in setting up these technologies.


In conclusion, what do all these things mean? Well, it means we have energy sources that are clean, pack a lot of potentials, and are renewable. The planet provided us with multiple sources of energy without even us noticing. However, now that we have noticed, it’s high time we start using that for the better. The scientific organizations around the world should work on improving the technologies involved thus making them more efficient and affordable. Let’s not push this beautiful planet of ours over the edge and save it while we still can and secure the future for our future generations.

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