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Different Types Of Solar Power Plant

Different types of solar power plant

To generate electricity in solar power plant system sunlight is needed. The sunlight is collected and concentrates on producing high-temperature heat. The two main components present in the solar thermal power system are reflectors and receiver. Thus to capture sunlight reflector mirrors used and focus on to a receiver. In one method, heating of fluid done circulated in the receiver and steam produced. The steam gets convert into mechanical energy in a turbine, and this gives power to the generator to produce electricity. There is a tracking system in the solar thermal power systems that focus the sunlight throughout the day onto the receiver when the sun changes the direction in the sky.

All over the world, countries have installed solar power plants. People are taking keen interest to save the environment as they now know the importance and uses of solar energy. Besides, they also have come to know about the financial benefits. There are various kinds of solar plants installed and actively and passively use is done.
You can make use of a solar plant actively and passively. During the activation process, the solar energy converts into a usable form of energy. This energy used to power all kinds of appliances in the house. During the passive process, the homes and buildings constructed in a manner that the energy received by maximum exposure to rays of the sun.

Different types of solar power plant
Different Types Of Solar Power Plant

Kinds Of Solar Power Plants

All over the world, there are different kinds of solar power plants. Solar thermal energy plants, photovoltaic solar energy plants, and concentrating power plants are some of the types of solar power plants.

Solar Thermal Energy Plant

Make use of Solar Thermal Energy Plant to create solar-generated heaters. Uses energy to heat water and an indoor heating system. The energy captured by the sun gets convert into heat energy. In addition to this, uses energy for cooking purposes and for drying clothes. Besides, even in low-temperature, water gets heat. Even water in swimming pools boils at low temperatures. For heating inside the homes and office buildings, medium heat is sufficient. Thus, high-temperature heat needed for daily needs in homes and offices.

Different types of Solar Power Plant
Different Types Of Solar Power Plant

Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant

We usually use this type of energy in the homes, and this is a substitute for that. The heat is similar to the electrical energy we use to power the electrical appliances at home. The energy captured by the photovoltaic cells is generated by the sun and converts into electricity. Thus, the process of conversion of energy is clean and straightforward; no smoke of harmful chemicals injected in the atmosphere. The grids contain photovoltaic cells installed on the premises of some of the companies and the maximum amount of energy derived from them. Hence, a traditional form of electrical power used less, and people are less dependent on it.


Concentrating power plant works in the same manner as the photovoltaic solar energy plant. Except for the energy from the rays of the sun is captured by the mirror and lenses. The light from the sun falls directly on the photovoltaic cells, and they convert into heat energy. Big companies use this power plant for utilizing solar energy.


In an appropriate manner, the solar power plant installed in many parts of the world to make energy from the sun. Thus, this helps in decreasing the consumption of electricity to a large extent.

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