Biomass Energy: Some Things To Know

Biomass Energy: Some Things To Know

Who would’ve thought that biomass could be a source of energy? In today’s world where we need more and more sources of energy, especially the clean ones, biomass energy is an out of the box solution. It might not be the greatest solution out there, but it’s certainly worth a consideration. But what is biomass energy?

What Is Biomass Energy?

According to IUPAC, any material that is produced by the growth of microorganisms, plants, and animals is known as biomass. For instance, farm waste, wood, cattle waste, biodegradable garbage, and sewage are all examples of biomass. The energy obtained from this biomass is known as biomass energy.

Biomass Energy: Some Things To Know
Biomass Energy: Some Things To Know

Uses Of Biomass Energy

Biomass can be used in various forms for various purposes. The use of biomass in various parts of the world depends on the scale of the usage and the availability of resources and technology in that area.

Some of the most common uses of biomass are as follows:

Electricity Generation

Biomass is used to generate electricity. It is done by burning it to generate heat and steam. This steam is then used to rotate the blades of a turbine thus producing electricity. Powerhouses mostly use coal for this purpose. However, it is being substituted by biomass in many power plants.

The burning of such biowastes releases carbon dioxide. But it is still as regard as a green and renewable source of energy. Burning of biomass leads to carbon dioxide emissions. However, plants utilize carbon dioxide thus growing more crops. The ground also absorbs some of the carbon dioxides. Therefore, the net result is positive.

Biofuel Production

People produce biofuels using biomass in various ways. People may use it to produce biogas for cooking, etc. in a household. Industries also use biomass to produce biodiesel and ethanol. They are then, put in a mix with normal diesel from petroleum and gasoline respectively that are in use for things like fuel in automobiles.

Industrial Usage

Moreover, industries use biomass for various purposes. For Instance, black liquor is a by-product of the paper industry. Industries use this black liquor to power paper mills. This makes these paper mills highly energy efficient.

Biomass As A Heat Source

People use biomass as a heat source. People in remote areas use this method. Burning biomass produces heat. People cook, heat water, etc. using this heat.

Biomass Energy: Some Things To Know
Biomass Energy: Some Things To Know

Farm Manure

Lastly, it can also be of use as manure for the farm. It is natural and chemical-free, which ensures great crop yield without the use of chemicals. It keeps the fertility of the ground intact along with producing chemical-free and nutritious produce.

Biomass Energy: Conclusion

In conclusion, I would like to say that biomass might not be the ultimate energy source that we want as a fossil fuel replacement, but it’s still an out of the box solution to the problem. It takes care of some of the energy needs while being environment-friendly. Moreover, it has multiple uses cases depending on the location, need, and the availability of resources and technology.

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